LPL salutes heroic city |《英雄联盟》致敬英雄城市

The spring finals of League of Legends Pro League (LPL) took place at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center on April 18.


▲ LPL spring finals at the Optics Valley International Tennis Center

In the finals, the established e-sports organization, Royal Never Give Up(RNG), took on the 2019 League of Legends (LOL) world champion FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), taking down the latter 3:1 and claiming the championship. RNG's player GALA was crowned the Final's Most Valuable Player (FMVP). On behalf of its region, RNG will compete in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) to be held in Iceland.


▲ Royal Never Give Up(RNG)

LOL is a popular e-sports game that is sweeping the globe.  It has 12 regional leagues. Its annual international competitions are loved by e-sports fans worldwide.


▲  RNG (right)  against FPX (left)

The organizers invited 100 people who worked on the frontline of Wuhan's battle against COVID-19 to watch the finals onsite. Jin Yibo, CEO of TJ Sports, said that the LPL is a competitive game that requires participants to constantly challenge themselves and exhibit great group cooperation. From this point of view, the core spirit of LPL resonates perfectly with the heroic spirit of Wuhan.


▲ Audience at the venue   Photos by Xu Weiwei

The event brought top e-sports players and fans from all over the country to Wuhan. It was broadcast live in multiple languages to the world. Content creators, streamers and entertainers from Bilibili were invited to be present at the finals, creating the hot social topic "Meet in the Heroic City." Posts related to the event became trendy on Weibo on the night of April 18.


(Edited by Pan Qian)

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